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Spinning Tops

Dice Top
This elegant wooden top incorporates a dice!
Russian Rattleback
Rattlebacks are a kind of spinning top that will only spin in one direction. 
Vortex Dome
This is a beautiful physics toy designed for your desk. A vortex lives in here, just spin the gorgeous glass dome to see it!
Finger Top
The Finger Top spins - as the name suggests - on the tip of your finger. 
Hard Boiled Top
Is it an egg? No, it is a spinning top!
Roll Over Top
With the correct touch, this top will hop upside down!
The pocket-sized electronic spinning top counts the number of revolutions and keeps track of scores - can you beat the highest score?
When you rotate the Wobblo in your hand, the metal ball inside starts spinning, creating some really magical movements. 
Dropping Top
This unusual and very beautiful dropping top is hand made from Sandarac wood and African Blackwood. A dropping top has an unusual method of being...
Tippe Top
The Tippe Top consists of a slightly flattened sphere, with a metal stem. It looks slightly like a small mushroom!If you spin the top, it starts to...
Magnetic Top
This elegant perspex spinning top has a spindle that is magnetic. This allows a most intriguing action to occur.
Steam Powered Top
This simple heat engine has no moving parts, and the top will spin as long as there is heat from the candle.
Tippe Top XL
This is the extra large (XL) version of the Tippe Top. Whereas our normal Tippe Top is 35mm high, this one is 50mm high! (One of the images shows the...
Japanese 'Top Spin' Top (small)
This unusual painted wooden Japanese spinning top incorporates an unusual motion, and an unexpected visual effect. You start by standing the top...
Drunken Ball
This 48mm diameter wooden ball has a metal weight concealed inside that is off centre, and thus when you roll the ball on a smooth surface it behaves...
Mount Fuji Spinning Top
This wooden spinning top comes from Japan, and at first sight it is not clear what purpose is served by the two white triangles painted on the top...
Infinity Spinning Top
One spin and it will spin forever... well, as long as the batteries last anyway!Once the central button has been activated, the mesmerising top will...
Tornado Spheres
Two ball bearings welded together, an LED torch that slowly morphs from one colour to another when you switch it on, and a small straw, all packed in...