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Paper Engineering

Sea Monster Pop Up Card
Beware the Sea Monster...!
£ 11.99
Giant Octopus Pop Up Card
Watch out for the Giant Octopus - or is it the Kraken?
£ 11.99
Münster Whale Pop Up Card
This whale does not look very friendly...
£ 11.99
Walter Ruffler - Bremen Town Musicians
The donkey keeps hitting the keys - as long as the sand lasts!
£ 9.99
Sea Serpent Pop Up Card
Strange things happen at sea...
£ 11.99
Adamastor Pop Up Card
The perils around the Cape of Good Hope...
£ 11.99
Kamikara Penguin Pop!
Drop it onto the table and it transforms into a penguin!
£ 8.99
Walter Ruffler - Wimbledon
I say, are you sure that serve was in?
£ 9.99
Walter Ruffler - Computer Chaos
This computer is running red hot!
£ 9.99
Monster from the Deep
An engaging piece of animated paper engineering, which shows a ship and a giant sea monster!
£ 22.99
Treaty of Tordesillas
An engaging piece of paper engineering, depicting the world being divided up - in 1494!
£ 21.99
Magnificent Dinosaur Machine
Turn the handle to watch the Dinosaur walk and ROAR! Darwin the cat gets a bit scared by the roar and disappears down the chimney.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Steam Engine Kit
This sophisticated pre-punched cardboard kit will enable you to build a working steam engine!
£ 45.00
Wimshurst Machine Kit
This high quality cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own version of the classical high voltage generator.
£ 50.00
Magnificent Walking Machine
Watch the video to see the model that Tim made, using this kit.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Magnificent Flying Machine
The Totally Glueless Magnificent Flying Machine is an automaton – a moving machine – which is made entirely from cardboard.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Walter Ruffler- Red Knight
The Red Knight and his noble horse stand guard. Threatened, he springs to attention, rearing his horse and raising his sword, ready to defend his...
£ 9.99
Walter Ruffler - Good Fishing!
More and more people have discovered a love for building these little works of art, as the models can be built in a few hours, but bring delight for...
£ 9.99
Walter Ruffler - Sailing into the Wind
Sometimes life is like a cruise on troubled waters - keeping one's balance requires a steady hand!
£ 9.99
Walter Ruffler - Chinese Dragon
Paper automata have a long tradition, dating back to the 19th century. The Chinese Dragon looks very impressive, with his beard, antlers and mane.
£ 9.99