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World Architecture Calendar 2018
Could the 2018 World Architecture Calendar be the perfect gift that will last all year round and brighten up any desk?

The calendar comes flat in a sturdy box.  Each end has a magnet that, when swiveled around will clip together to reveal pop up buildings, statues and monuments from around the globe.
(-80.05%)  2.99
Handbook of Cubik Math
This book, republished in July 2010, explores the mathematics of solving the Rubik's Cube. 'The best book yet written - or likely to be written -...
Puzzles Old & New
Written by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans, with an introduction by Martin Gardner, the book looks at a wide range of mechanical puzzles, and...
Poemotion 3
"The little man, sitting at the reception desk of the brain, is wondering: Are these dazzling appearances true or false?
These illusions are real."