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Cast Puzzle - VALVE
Can you work out the unseen mechanism? 
£ 12.00
Star Path
Star Path is the latest puzzle from Jean Claude Constantin
£ 16.99
This limited edition version of Peter Hajek's book on puzzle boxes has a built in puzzle lock for you to solve!
£ 90.00
End of Year Puzzle Party (EPP) 2021
The best puzzles of 2021...
£ 10.00
Enter If You Can - The Art of Puzzle Boxes
A comprehensively illustrated hardback book that explores the fascinating subject of puzzle boxes...
£ 29.00
The Case of the Treasury Safe
Can you crack the mysteries of Dr Watson's safe?
£ 14.00
Labyrinth Maze
Get all 3 balls into the centre ring of this tricky maze
£ 8.99
(-33.37%) £ 5.99
Pyraminx - the original 'twisty' puzzle!
£ 14.99
Crystal Pyraminx
The original king of twisty puzzles, now in crystal!
£ 18.99
Hollow Pyraminx
Uwe Mèffert's Hollow Pyraminx
£ 15.99
Cast Puzzle - ROTOR
Two identical pieces, and the highest level of difficulty!
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - HOURGLASS
The Hourglass - a 'Grand Master' Level 6 puzzle
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - NUTCASE
Nutcase - a 6 star difficulty puzzle that is also a secret box!
£ 12.00
Metal Bike Puzzle
Can you remove the lock from your bicycle?
£ 9.99
Metal Light Bulb Puzzle
It’ll take some very bright ideas to solve this puzzle!
£ 9.99
Metal Phone Puzzle
This puzzle is calling your name!
£ 9.99
Set of Three Metal Puzzles
Three metal puzzles created by Jean Claude Constantin
£ 26.99
Flippe Ball Puzzle
Spin the Flippe Ball Puzzle and see what happens! 
£ 19.00
Brainstring Houdini
Even Houdini needs your help!
£ 13.99
Peano Curve Fractal Puzzle
A puzzle based on space filling fractal curves
£ 25.00
Puzzle Box #1
A puzzle box created by Jean Claude Constantin - one of the world's puzzle masters!
£ 17.99
Puzzle Box #2
For centuries, puzzle boxes have been used to pass secret messages and small precious items.
£ 17.99
Puzzle Box #3
A puzzle box with 5 star difficulty!
£ 17.99
Set of 3 Puzzle Boxes
A set of 3 puzzle boxes created by Jean Claude Constantin - one of the world's puzzle masters!
£ 41.36
Cast Puzzle - LOVE
Love - two pieces that smoothly intertwine to make a single form.
£ 12.00
Chichen Itza - a symmetry puzzle
For dedicated fidgeters only! What a joy only three pieces can bring to idle hands...
£ 7.99
Broken Twig - a symmetry puzzle
Rearrange the custom metal "twigs” until they form a symmetrical shape.
£ 7.99
The Chimera - a symmetry puzzle
Two metal pieces, limitless possibilities of arranging them, but only one solution! 
£ 7.99
Cast Puzzle - ARROWS
Four arrows are piercing the heart... can this puzzle be disassembled?
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - SNOW
A maze-type Huzzle created around the theme of a beautiful snow crystal...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - UFO
This uniquely shaped puzzle really does look like a UFO!
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - SLIDER
The challenge is to take it apart, and then to reassemble the three pieces into the original puzzle. 

£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - ABC
In this puzzle you are trying to free the "C” from the "AB” piece
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - TRINITY
A puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via an elusive, organic design. 
£ 12.00
Wide and Long Puzzle
This optical illusion has appeared in various books in recent years, but here it is as a wooden hand made demonstration!
£ 14.99
Dovetail Cube Number 1
This elegant metal cube invites you to separate the two halves. However it is not as easy as it might appear.
£ 65.00
Dovetail Cube Number 2
This is a great puzzle for trying out on your friends, or maybe having on your desk, to challenge visitors to your office!
£ 65.00
Dovetail Cube Number 3
When you initially present this puzzle to someone, there is no sliding, pulling or twisting movement they can perform that will separate the two...
£ 65.00
Cast Puzzle - NEWS
WARNING! Hope you’re up to this! Level 6 is for real Huzzle-puzzle-lovers!
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - VORTEX
The motivation behind this puzzle is the statue of Asura, the ancient Indian god and also a protector of Buddhism.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - MARBLE
This puzzle has such a beautiful shape that it could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - COIL
The theme of this puzzle is “Loops”.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - RATTLE
All of the pieces fit loosely and it seems as though they would be easy to take apart...
£ 12.00
Einstein's Puzzle Cubes
E= mc2. One famous equation. Five symbols. Countless implications. Einstein’s equation for mass-energy equivalence altered the way we think about energy and mass, and has provided endless technological advances.
£ 10.00
Cast Puzzle - DONUTS
This puzzle is a masterpiece in design and concept.
£ 12.00
You present it as a challenge to someone - get the central cylinder out of the hole without touching the toy at all!
£ 6.99
Barrel and Ball Puzzle
This version of the famous Hoffmann Barrel and Ball puzzle consists of a blue barrel which contains a ball bearing. The challenge is to get the ball...
£ 40.00
Cast Puzzle - U&U
The two U shaped bolts would not seem to present much of a challenge - just unscrew one of the nuts, and they should come apart... If only it were...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - GALAXY
Like the swirling shape of the galaxy…that is why this puzzle was named Galaxy.
£ 12.00
There are many disentanglement puzzles available, so we only pick out a few that we really like.
£ 9.99
Coin Bank Puzzle
This nifty little puzzle allows you to insert a single coin into the Perspex disc. This bit is easy. However when you try to remove the coin, it is...
£ 6.99
Cast Puzzle - PADLOCK
The design of this puzzle is evocative of a study padlock.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - DIAL
Solve the puzzle by turning the dials on both sides...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - INFINITY
This puzzle is called infinity not only for its appearance, but also because its movement continues endlessly until the pieces are taken apart.
£ 10.50
Cast Puzzle - CAKE
A quarter of this cake has been cut away showing three identical layers inside...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - DIAMOND
This diamond consists of two pieces. Taking them apart is easy, but putting them back together takes some thought.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - ENIGMA
This is without a doubt among the most difficult of all puzzles.
£ 12.00
Puzzle and Perplex - The Triangle Puzzle
Made of solid steel, this puzzle is guaranteed to flex your cognitive muscles. If that’s not enough, it comes with two brainteasers and two fascinating facts to give your brain a thorough workout!
£ 8.00