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Pens and Pencils

Rocket Launcher Pens (pair)
Press the little button, and the pen opens up like a rocket ready for take off! When you have finished, just fold the pen away again.You get a pair of pens.
Rainbow Trout Pen
You'll almost believe they're real!These realistic Rainbow Trout have been hand-painted with an irridescent paint that makes them glitter like...
Penultimate - the amazing magnetic levitating spinning pen!Hidden magnets in the plastic base and inside the pen allow the pen to levitate above the...
3D Memo
This magnetic memo board is perfect for leaving notes on the fridge. The lenticular illusion will really make your messages stand out. A few years...
Secret Message Writing Set
A set of two pens which write with invisible ink. The cap of each pen contains a powerful 'black-light' UV beam, which can be used to illuminate a...