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Optical Illusions

The Little Pack Of Optical Illusions
Fifty optical illusions guaranteed to melt your mind and bend your brain!
£ 5.00
Pentakis Kaleidoscope
A three-sided mirror kaleidoscope with a fivefold symmetry axis
£ 25.00
Moirémotion is the new book by Japanese artist Takahiro Kurashima
£ 23.00
Heart Metamorphosis
Ambiguous Objects look completely different when viewed in a mirror...
£ 12.99
Rounding Square
Are those circles? Or are they squares?
£ 12.99
Ladies and Gentlemen
Excuse me sir... oh, I beg your pardon madam!
£ 12.99
Illusion Cubes
Create your own optical illusions!
£ 16.99
Infinity Mirror
Two mirrors with different transmissivity and reflectivity, that combine to create the illusion of infinite space!
£ 17.99
3 Sugihara Optical Illusions
3 Sugihara Optical Illusions
£ 35.95
Mosaic Art Cards
Five postcards, each with a famous painting in mosaic form...
£ 10.99
Upside Down Scope
This single-prism optical inversion device will show you the world upside down!
£ 36.99
Spilled Wine
Did the wine get spilled, or is it just an illusion!
£ 19.99
Reversing Goggles
These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down!
£ 55.00
Einstein Hollow Face Illusion
The Hollow Face Illusion is probably one of the most amazing optical illusions we have come across.
£ 45.00
Pseudoscope Kit
The Pseudoscope swaps the incoming images, so that the right eye sees what the left eye would have seen, and vice versa. 
£ 37.99
Optical Illusion Ring
When you turn the ring one way, it seems to be getting fatter; if you turn it the other way, it seems to be getting thinner!
£ 6.99
Wide and Long Puzzle
This optical illusion has appeared in various books in recent years, but here it is as a wooden hand made demonstration!
£ 14.99
True Mirror
When you look in a mirror, who do you see? Not the person other people see, since our reflection in the mirror is reversed - raise your left hand,...
£ 250.00
Shtox Glass
A very elegant crystal glass tumbler, handmade in Germany. However this glass tumbler has a very special trick. 
£ 50.00
Painted Shakespeare Mask
This Shakespeare Hollow Face Mask has been hand painted so as to give an amazing life-like impression of the Bard.
£ 300.00
Hyperscope Kit
The Hyperscope is a viewing device that uses a system of mirrors to increase the distance between your eyes. This allows you to see the world in a...
£ 13.99
Hyperscope Pro Kit
This is the larger 'Pro' version, or 'big brother', of our two Hyperscope Kits.
£ 26.99
Three Card Box Illusion
Although you can treat this as a magic trick, it is really an illusion, and the only trickery is happening inside your head!
£ 24.99