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Optical Toys

Chinese Magic Mirror
Shine a bright, collimated light on the mirror - sunlight works brilliantly - and the pattern on the back of the mirror  will be projected at the wall or on any blank screen. Then you’ll see the image of the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac.
£ 100.00
Flipbooks - set of 3
These beautiful little flipbooks come from Italy. They are in full colour, and the charming scenes have a very smooth, cinematic, movement, and are...
£ 11.99
Hand Spectroscope Kit
This cardboard kit will enable you to construct a fully fuctional hand spectroscope. You will be able to view the light spectrum, and also measure...
£ 11.99
Camera Obscura Kit
This cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own camera obscura. This optical instrument is the fore-runner of the modern camera. The...
£ 31.99
3D Colour Pad
Experience the extraordinary 3D world of Chromadepth. Chromadepth is a patented system from the company Chromatek that produces a stereoscopic effect...
£ 3.99
Prismatic Glasses
These glasses have built in prisms, which bend the light path by 90 degrees. So instead of looking ahead, you are looking down! Or, as the blurb...
£ 12.99
Magic Lantern Kit
This cardboard assembly kit enables you to create a working replica of a 19th century Magic Lantern.In the days before television and cinema, a Magic...
£ 26.99
A Fine Line between Love and Hate
We are really pleased to be able to offer the award-winning Luycho Memo Pad, which as well as being functional is also a work of art! Tim first saw...
£ 10.00
Motion Cards
This is a very unusual set of playing cards. The backs of the cards simply have a nice design on them, but it is the faces of the cards that are...
£ 9.99
Pixel Playing Cards
A set of poker-size plastic playing cards with a pixel design. The pixels are separated by a transparent grid. Moving the cards creates optical...
£ 9.99
Invisible Playing Cards
A set of playing cards, printed on transparent PVC. Most of the card is see through, only a small part has the design printed on it. The cards are 4...
£ 7.99
Monitor Mirror
This is a rear view mirror for your computer! It attaches to the corner of your screen, where the convex mirror gives you a wide angle view of the...
£ 3.99
Face Blender
When you look into the 'mirror' the reflective strips show a reflection of your own face, and the clear sections allow you to see through the mirror, and see the other person's face.
£ 21.99
Trichroic Prism
A trichroic prism assembly combines two dichroic prisms to split an image into 3 colours.
£ 34.99
Televisor Kit
A working television, based on John Logie Baird's original - the only mechanical TV in regular production.
£ 39.95