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Optical Toys

See images in another dimension...
£ 49.99
(-39.99%) £ 30.00
Van Gogh 3D Greeting Cards – Set of 4
See Van Gogh's amazing paintings in 3D! 
£ 14.99
Dali 3D Greeting Cards - Set of 4
See Salvador Dalí's amazing paintings in 3D! 
£ 14.99
Chinese Magic Mirror
Shine sunlight on this apparently blank metal mirror, and the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac will appear!
£ 110.00
Space 3D Greeting Cards – Set of 4
3D greeting cards with a space theme!
£ 14.99
Solar Photo Paper (Large)
A very special photographic paper from the early days of photography.
£ 14.99
Digital Sundial Kit
This sundial shows the time in digits, which are projected onto a tilting readout field.
£ 16.99
Pentakis Kaleidoscope
A three-sided mirror kaleidoscope with a fivefold symmetry axis
£ 25.00
Infinity Mirror
Two mirrors with different transmissivity and reflectivity, that combine to create the illusion of infinite space!
£ 17.99
Light Modulator
Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam!
£ 75.00
Hand Spectroscope Kit
This cardboard kit will enable you to construct a fully functional hand spectroscope.
£ 12.99
Camera Obscura Kit
This cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own camera obscura.
£ 35.00
Prismatic Glasses
These glasses have built in prisms, which bend the light path by 90 degrees. So instead of looking ahead, you are looking down!
£ 16.99
Magic Lantern Kit
This cardboard assembly kit enables you to create a working replica of a 19th century Magic Lantern.
£ 27.95
Invisible Playing Cards
A set of playing cards, printed on transparent PVC. Most of the card is see through, only a small part has the design printed on it.
£ 7.99
Monitor Mirror
This is a rear view mirror for your computer!
£ 9.99
Televisor Kit
A working television, based on John Logie Baird's original - the only mechanical TV in regular production.
£ 53.94
FlipBooKit MAKER Kit
Flipbookit is a rotating mechanical flip book kit that allows you to 'play' a 24 frame animated movie.
£ 50.00
Blank Card Kit for FlipBooKit
If you already have the FlipBooKit, then by adding the Blank Card Kit, you can create your own animation! 
£ 20.00