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Optical Toys

Pocket Microscope
Bring the tiniest detail to your eye with this pocket microscope
£ 6.99
Pentakis Kaleidoscope
A three-sided mirror kaleidoscope with a fivefold symmetry axis
£ 25.00
Infinity Mirror
Two mirrors with different transmissivity and reflectivity, that combine to create the illusion of infinite space!
£ 17.99
Light Modulator
Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam!
£ 75.00
Chinese Magic Mirror
Shine a bright, collimated light on the mirror - sunlight works brilliantly - and the pattern on the back of the mirror  will be projected at the wall or on any blank screen. Then you’ll see the image of the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac.
£ 100.00
Hand Spectroscope Kit
This cardboard kit will enable you to construct a fully functional hand spectroscope.
£ 10.99
Camera Obscura Kit
This cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own camera obscura.
£ 31.99
Prismatic Glasses
These glasses have built in prisms, which bend the light path by 90 degrees. So instead of looking ahead, you are looking down!
£ 14.99
Magic Lantern Kit
This cardboard assembly kit enables you to create a working replica of a 19th century Magic Lantern.
£ 23.95
Invisible Playing Cards
A set of playing cards, printed on transparent PVC. Most of the card is see through, only a small part has the design printed on it.
£ 7.99
Monitor Mirror
This is a rear view mirror for your computer!
£ 6.99
Trichroic Prism
A trichroic prism assembly combines two dichroic prisms to split an image into 3 colours.
£ 23.99
FlipBooKit MAKER Kit
Flipbookit is a rotating mechanical flip book kit that allows you to 'play' a 24 frame animated movie.
£ 32.99
Blank Card Kit for FlipBooKit
If you already have the FlipBooKit, then by adding the Blank Card Kit, you can create your own animation! 
£ 11.99