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Pentakis Kaleidoscope

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A three-sided mirror kaleidoscope with a fivefold symmetry axis

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The Pentakis Dodecahedron Kaleidoscope is a three-sided mirror kaleidoscope a simple but ingeniously formed sheet of metal that opens up an astonishing optical microcosm.

In order to generate maximum light reflection (95%), the aluminium surface of the Pentakis is vacuum-coated with silicide and titanium. Incident light creates a twelve-rayed Kepler star (named after mathematician Johannes Kepler, 1571 1630). Thanks to the fivefold symmetry axis, the three dihedral angles (60-72-60) reflect and re-reflect light to create a spherical Pentakis Dodecahedron, generating a total of exactly 60 reflections.

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A new and different Kaleidoscope to add to my over 300 collection. Love it!
Phyllis G.