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Mechanical Toys

Useless Machine
The Useless Machine is a timeless classic! 
£ 26.00
Hero’s Steam Turbine Kit
The original steam engine?
£ 85.00
Little Steam Yacht or Pop Pop Boat
The classic Pop Pop boat!
£ 10.99
Tensegrity Table Kit - Red
Appears to float in mid air!
£ 40.00
Tensegrity Phone Holder Kit - Red
Your phone appears to float in mid air!
£ 60.00
Inspired by nature, based on the Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Angle, Helicone not only represents beautiful botanical structures but also...
£ 80.00
Wilberforce Pendulum
An example of a coupled mechanical oscillator...
£ 70.00
(-14.36%) £ 59.95
Snail Ball
Why does the Snail Ball move soooo slowly?
£ 50.00
Jolly Jug
The amazing Jolly Jug!
£ 179.00
(-16.76%) £ 149.00
Tightrope Walking Gyrobot
A robot fit for the circus! 
£ 39.00
Thor's Thunder Tube
Gently shake, to create the sound of thunder!
£ 7.99
Structural Engineering
Learn the basics of structural engineering with a series of 20 model-building experiments
£ 49.95
(-9.91%) £ 45.00
A 'Z Classic Wind-Up' from California Creations...
£ 19.99
(-74.99%) £ 5.00
Engenius : Bounce Marble Run
Watch in amazement as the marbles bounce across a series of trampolines...
£ 29.95
Rope Climbing Robot
Build your own wooden slot-together climbing robot.
£ 9.99
Build this wooden construction lit, and gain insights into how a differential gear works. 
£ 16.99
Puzzle Box #2
For centuries, puzzle boxes have been used to pass secret messages and small precious items.
£ 17.99
Puzzle Box #3
A puzzle box with 5 star difficulty!
£ 17.99
Vac-Hand Kit
A latex glove, dry fillers and reduced air pressure deliver this amazing and thought-provoking demonstration. 
£ 16.99
The Pendulum kit is designed to serve as a learning tool rather than a puzzle...
£ 16.99
Stem Lab - GEARBOX
This wooden construction kit contains everything you need to build a working model of a  4-speed gearbox
£ 16.99
Engenius: Double Marble Run
Instantly captivating, the award-winning ‘Engenius’ Double Marble Run has proven to be an instant success. 
£ 29.95
Is it a spring? Is it a pendulum?
£ 35.00
Geobender Cube "Bees"
Bees - a new design of the GeoBender magnetic puzzle...
£ 25.00
Metal Rattleback
Sometimes known as Celts, or Wobble Stones, this is an ancient toy that has been fascinating people for a very long time.
£ 25.00
Light Modulator
Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam!
£ 75.00
Wroow Mini Racer
Charge it up and watch it go!
£ 9.99
(-60.06%) £ 3.99
Tim's Nile Mug
This elegant bone china mug features Tim, together with some references to the Nile!

£ 7.99
Magnificent Dinosaur Machine
Turn the handle to watch the Dinosaur walk and ROAR! Darwin the cat gets a bit scared by the roar and disappears down the chimney.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Infinity Loop Flow Rings

High Quality Stainless steel spring! Rolls like a metallic bubble! 3D Kinetic Spring! A Springy Slinky for your arm!

£ 5.99
Magic Cube
An elegant, transforming geometric puzzle, based on the Yoshimoto Cube.
£ 9.99
Gallus Light with Solid Mahogany Base
What is surprising about this lamp is that as long as it is lit, the candle flame rotates while it burns.
£ 150.00
Large Ball Bearings
A fascinating demonstration of the conversion of kinetic energy into heat energy!
£ 29.99
Jumping Discs - Set of 3
These little metal discs are bimetallic - they are made from two different metals - and this enables them to perform an amazing physics trick!
£ 9.99
Steam Powered Top
This simple heat engine has no moving parts, and the top will spin as long as there is heat from the candle.
£ 8.99
Ice Heart Maker
An ice cube melts extraordinarily quickly and you are left with a small piece of ice that is heart shaped.
£ 60.00
Steam Engine Kit
This sophisticated pre-punched cardboard kit will enable you to build a working steam engine!
£ 45.00
Wimshurst Machine Kit
This high quality cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own version of the classical high voltage generator.
£ 50.00
Tesla Valve - Metal
Nikola Tesla's valvular conduit is another one of his forgotten inventions. What is it? In simple terms it is a one-way valve.... but with no moving...
£ 49.99
Tesla Valve - Plastic
Nikola Tesla's valvular conduit is another one of his forgotten inventions. Invented in 1920 it has largely been overlooked. What is it? In simple...
£ 36.00
Magnificent Walking Machine
Watch the video to see the model that Tim made, using this kit.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Magnificent Flying Machine
The Totally Glueless Magnificent Flying Machine is an automaton – a moving machine – which is made entirely from cardboard.
£ 19.99
(-15.01%) £ 16.99
Lollipopter - Sugar Plum Shuffle
With a quick twist, Lollipopter magically transforms from a 'swirl' to a 'burst' and back again in one amazingly elegant motion.
£ 26.99
Lollipopter - Mango Fandango
To transform it, simply spin the handle and watch the magic unfold. To change it back, just spin it the other way. Intuitive, relaxing, fun, and addictive!
£ 26.99
Lollipopter - Huckleberry Spin
To transform it, simply spin the handle and watch the magic unfold. To change it back, just spin it the other way. Intuitive, relaxing, fun, and addictive!
£ 26.99
Leidenfrost Ring
The Leidenfrost Effect occurs when a liquid comes into contact with a hot object, with the correct temperature difference between the two. 
£ 29.99
To Float or Not To Float
The sand timer floats at the top of the column of liquid. But turn it upside down, and now the sand timer does not float. What is happening?
£ 60.00