Where science meets magic and fun meets education!

Magic Tricks

Paradox Box
A totally hands-off mind reading trick!
Magic Sword
Insert the dagger through the hole, and watch the sword pass right through it, before your very eyes! 
Secret Cups
A version of the three cups magic trick. No sleight of hand required!

Ball through Bar Illusion
The ball mysteriously sinks into the solid bar out of sight, only to rise to the top of the brass bar again.
Mind Reading Discs
You will be able to tell the spectators which 4 colour discs are in the brass container, and which one is in the bag.
Rope Trick
Not quite the Indian Rope Trick, but a nice and very simple piece of close-up magic!
Magic Match
This has a real 'wow' factor!
Badlands Bob
The performer displays a small walnut box with a die sealed within. A wonderful and colourful story about Badlands Bob begins to unfold...
Impossible Screw
The nut will fit perfectly onto the smaller screw, yet the performer does the impossible and threads it onto either end. Surely that is impossible?
Drop Out!
A small aluminium 'bottle' is shown along with a steel ball. The ball is dropped into the small well in the side of the bottle and then the bottle is...
Ring on a Chain Trick
A little trick that seems like magic...
Appearing Wands - Set of 5
These 'Appearing Wands' are made of memory plastic. You can roll them up tightly into a little tube, but when you release them they spring open into...