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Magic Tricks

Lung Tester
Test my lungs? You must be joking...
£ 95.00
The Magic of Science
20 science tricks that require no previous magic experience.
£ 9.99
The Magic of Pub Tricks
20 perfect tricks to pull out in between pints...
£ 9.99
Ultimate Magic Trick Kit
Itís easy to learn lots of magic tricks with this complete magic package!
£ 19.99
Ball through Bar Illusion
The ball mysteriously sinks into the solid bar out of sight, only to rise to the top of the brass bar again.
£ 19.99
Mind Reading Discs
You will be able to tell the spectators which 4 colour discs are in the brass container, and which one is in the bag.
£ 24.99
Impossible Screw
The nut will fit perfectly onto the smaller screw, yet the performer does the impossible and threads it onto either end. Surely that is impossible?
£ 18.99
Drop Out!
A small aluminium 'bottle' is shown along with a steel ball. The ball is dropped into the small well in the side of the bottle and then the bottle is...
£ 12.00
Ring on a Chain Trick
A little trick that seems like magic...
£ 4.99
Appearing Wands - Set of 5
These 'Appearing Wands' are made of memory plastic.
£ 5.99