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Maths Toys

Non Transitive Dice - Set 1
These so-called 'Non Transitive Dice' (Magic Dice) demonstrate a probability that violates common sense and traps the unwary.
£ 6.99
Non Transitive Dice - Set 2
Another variation on Non Transitive Dice, this time based on a set of three dice.
£ 6.99
Pentakis Kaleidoscope
A three-sided mirror kaleidoscope with a fivefold symmetry axis
£ 25.00
Pyraminx - the original 'twisty' puzzle!
£ 14.99
Crystal Pyraminx
The original king of twisty puzzles, now in crystal!
£ 18.99
Hollow Pyraminx
Uwe Mèffert's Hollow Pyraminx
£ 15.99
Peano Curve Fractal Puzzle
A puzzle based on space filling fractal curves
£ 20.00
Dragon Curve Fractal Puzzle
The Dragon Curve was first investigated by NASA physicists John Heighway, Bruce Banks, and William Harter
£ 20.00
Gosper Curve Fractal Puzzle
Named after Bill Gosper, and also known as the flowsnake curve...
£ 20.00
Set of Three Fractal Curve Puzzles
The Peano Curve, Dragon Curve and Gosper Curve Fractal Puzzles.
£ 50.00
Flippe Top
This Tippe Top has an unexpected extra trick...
£ 14.99
Chichen Itza - a symmetry puzzle
For dedicated fidgeters only! What a joy only three pieces can bring to idle hands...
£ 7.99
Broken Twig - a symmetry puzzle
Rearrange the custom metal "twigs” until they form a symmetrical shape.
£ 7.99
The Chimera - a symmetry puzzle
Two metal pieces, limitless possibilities of arranging them, but only one solution! 
£ 7.99
The Pendulum kit is designed to serve as a learning tool rather than a puzzle...
£ 16.99
Geobender Cube "Bees"
Bees - a new design of the GeoBender magnetic puzzle...
£ 25.00
Magic Cube
An elegant, transforming geometric puzzle, based on the Yoshimoto Cube.
£ 9.99
Ring Dial
A Ring Dial was a cutting edge scientific instrument in its time, which is about 500 years ago!
£ 48.00
Tippe Top
If you spin it fast enough, it will turn completely upside down, spinning on its stem.
£ 19.99
Educated Monkey
A really charming tin toy this one. We like it a lot!
£ 22.99
Solids of Constant Width
Whichever way you roll them, their width is always the same, although they are not spheres!
£ 39.99
Dudeney's Dissection
A beautiful physical version of Dudeney's Dissection, where the 4 pieces are hinged, so that you can transform one shape into the other.
£ 120.00
Napiers Bones
'Napier's Bones' is an early calculating device that allowed the user to carry out multiplication and division.
£ 27.99