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Magnetic Toys

Curie Point Magnetic Heat Engine
Here is a little engine that demonstrates a magnetic property known as the Curie Effect. The French scientist Pierre Curie discovered that...
Magnetic Field Paper
Developed back in the 1970s, with ideas that it might become a replacement for paper, this paper makes magnetic fields visible. Any magnet can be...
Gaussian Gun
OK, why is it called the Gaussian Gun, I hear you ask? Well, no reason really, except that a friend of ours just christened it that, and the name...
Han Dynasty Compass
This is a modern replica of the oldest instrument in the world which is known to be a compass. The spoon or ladle is of magnetic lodestone, and is...
Logic Specs Case - Green/Purple
Invented in the 1990s, the Logic Specs case is an unusual container for a pair of spectacles! The case is held closed by magnets. But when you open the case, you can continue to open it until each half has performed a complete revolution, and the band on the outside of the case is now a different colour!Logic Specs Case
Lenz's Law Demo
If you drop the little metal slug down the copper tube, it falls under the pull of gravity, and drops out at the bottom, just as you would expect.But...
Inverter Magnet
The Inverter Magnet is an amazing new discovery that until recently only existed in science fiction! The magnet array creates a 'tractor beam' that...
Magic Penny Kit
Sponsored by Brunel University, The Institute of Physics and The Royal Institution in London, this is the expanded 4th Edition of the Magic Penny...
Flux Original
With its gravity-defying effect, this is a scientific toy that feels like magic!Drop the ultra-strong magnetic ball inside the copper tube, and...
Skill Set
Drop the ultra-strong magnetic ball inside one of the the aluminium tubes, and experience just how slowly the ball falls. Although the ball is not...
Skill Flux
Drop the ultra-strong magnetic ball inside the aluminium tube, and experience just how slowly the ball falls. Although the ball is not touching the...
Ferrofluid Magician
There are quite a few ferrofluid toys in existence, but Tim found this one especially intriguing.