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Jokes and Tricks

Colour Changing Sand Timers (set of 4)
As the sand runs through, it changes colour!
£ 8.99
Endless Screamer Birthday Card With Glitter
Is it defective or haunted? Every 90 seconds this card will scream!
£ 9.99
Endless Birthday Farts With Glitter
Endless Birthday Farts With Glitter!
£ 9.99
Endless Birthday Card - No Glitter
This non-stop musical greeting card plays for 3-6 hours!
£ 9.99
Endless Birthday Card - With Glitter!
Plays Happy Birthday non-stop until the battery dies!
£ 9.99
Vogl-Pfeiferl (Set of 4)
The famous German Bird Whistle!
£ 9.99
Meowy Christmas Card
For cat lovers with a sense of humour?
£ 9.99
Assassin's Teapot
This teapot comes from China, and it is a trick teapot!
£ 85.00
CONGRATS! - Pop Up Balloon
Surprise your friends with this one of a kind greeting! 
£ 8.75
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Pop Up Balloon
Surprise your friends with this one of a kind greeting! 
£ 8.75
Vac-Hand Kit
A latex glove, dry fillers and reduced air pressure deliver this amazing and thought-provoking demonstration. 
£ 16.99
Boogie Dice
The world’s first sound-activated, self-rolling, motorized dice!
£ 37.00
(-45.95%) £ 20.00
Spilled Wine
Did the wine get spilled, or is it just an illusion!
£ 19.99
Tim's Nile Mug
This elegant bone china mug features Tim, together with some references to the Nile!

£ 14.99
(-46.70%) £ 7.99
Happy Hat
The makers say that it is literally impossible to be unhappy whilst wearing one of these Happy Hats! 
£ 2.99
Cryptic Calendar
The Cryptic Calendar is made of wood, and has a strange collection of markings on the front, almost like hieroglyphics!
£ 14.99