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Vogl-Pfeiferl (Set of 4)

Bartl GmbH
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The famous German Bird Whistle!

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The Vogl-Pfeiferl or Bird Whistle is a small musical instrument that allows you to imitate bird calls. It is a popular item sold at fairs in Germany. 

It consists of a semi-circular piece of strong paper with a toothed edge. The membrane is held by a ring of stainless steel.

To Whistle, put the Vogl-Pfeiferl with the semi-circular edge first on the front part of your tongue. After about 2 minutes the paper should be well soaked. Then press the whistle gently against the roof of your mouth, right behind your teeth, where it should stick. Keep your mouth slightly open and blow softly with a "Sh, sh, sh". Your tongue should be relaxed.

When you have acquired the basic sound technique, you can play around and experiment with various positions of your lips and tongue, your breathing and articulating vowels and consonants in order to vary sounds and imitations. 

The Vogl-Pfeiferl can be dried and reused a number of times. 

You will get a set of 4 Vogl-Pfeiferls.

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