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Endless Birthday Card - With Glitter!

Joker Greeting
(Code: 1038)
Plays Happy Birthday non-stop until the battery dies!

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It seems like a normal Birthday card. Open it up and it plays a tune. The thing is it doesn't stop! It plays Happy Birthday non-stop until the battery dies! You could just tear the card apart to stop it playing, but then you would discover that inside the card there is... glitter! 

When you get the card, you can safely open it and write a message inside. Once you are ready, you pull out the tab, and now the card is 'primed'. Pop it in the envelope, and sent it to the lucky victim... sorry, recipient. The card is supplied with a regular envelope, but if you are sending it through the post, it is probably best to put it in something that will protect it, either a card backed envelope, or a bubble envelope. 

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