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Flippe Top

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This Tippe Top has an unexpected extra trick...
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A spherical Tippe Top which flips over... and over...and over...

A regular Tippe Top does something unexpected, because when it flips, the centre of gravity moves upwards. 

The Flippe Top takes this a step further. Inside the spherical top is a ball bearing, within a channel. Spin the top and when the ball bearing is at the bottom of the channel, the Flippe Top behaves like a Tippe Top, and inverts. 

However the ball bearing is now at the top of the channel, and due to gravity, it falls to the bottom of the channel. So... the Flippe Top inverts again, and so the process goes on. 4 or 5 inversions are fairly common, and it is possible to get even more. 

This top is 3D printed in two colours so that you can see it flip. It is glued together and does not come apart. You will get one Flippe Top, with two random colours. 

The top is 3.75 cm in diameter and weighs 16 g (1/2 ounce).

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Great fun. You canít get it anywhere else.
Harry W.