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Magic Penny Kit
With Magic Penny Magnets and some everyday objects, you can perform feats that even top scientists and engineers have found amazing!
£ 29.99
Boogie Dice
The world’s first sound-activated, self-rolling, motorized dice!
£ 37.00
Is it a spring? Is it a pendulum?
£ 23.99
Wilberforce Pendulum
An example of a coupled mechanical oscillator...
£ 48.00
Amazing Packing Problems - Triangle
Just when you think everything fits...
£ 4.99
Duck Rabbit Salt & Pepper
A salt and pepper set that is also an optical illusion
£ 50.00
Gyro Blow Top
An elegant little spinning top, with a lustrous metallic finish.
£ 6.99
Face Mask Kit
This kit will allow you to make 5 simple face masks
£ 4.99
Geobender Cube "Abstract-2"
Abstract-2 - a new design of the GeoBender magnetic puzzle...
£ 24.00
Geobender Cube "Bees"
Bees - a new design of the GeoBender magnetic puzzle...
£ 24.00
Cast Puzzle - SNOW
A maze-type Huzzle created around the theme of a beautiful snow crystal...
£ 12.00
Walter Ruffler - Wimbledon
I say, are you sure that serve was in?
£ 8.99
Saturn Sundial Pendant
This smart pendant is also a solar watch!
£ 13.99
Non Toppling Top
This Japanese spinning top will not topple over, even when pushed!
£ 12.99
Diptych Sundial Florence
Curiosity and ingenuity in the measurement of time...
£ 23.00
Toupie Top
The little spinning top that just keeps going...
£ 8.99
Cast Puzzle - UFO
This uniquely shaped puzzle really does look like a UFO!
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - SLIDER
The challenge is to take it apart, and then to reassemble the three pieces into the original puzzle. 

£ 12.00
Metal Rattleback
Sometimes known as Celts, or Wobble Stones, this is an ancient toy that has been fascinating people for a very long time.
£ 20.00
Ultimate Magic Trick Kit
It’s easy to learn lots of magic tricks with this complete magic package!
£ 19.99
Endless Spring
Tim's all-time favourite toy for entertaining people at parties... 
£ 600.00
Geobender Cube "Surfer"
The GeoBender is a new design of magnetic puzzle...
£ 24.00
Desktop Derby
The original family horse race game
£ 13.86
(-56.78%) £ 5.99
Monster from the Deep
An engaging piece of animated paper engineering, which shows a ship and a giant sea monster!
£ 21.99
Tiny Tops
A beautiful set of miniature spinning tops.
£ 70.00
Duck-Rabbit Pins
'I shall call the following figure... the duck-rabbit.'  Ludwig Wittgenstein
£ 14.99
Geobender Cube "Nautilus"
GeoBender is an elegant and sophisticated 3D magnetic puzzle...
£ 24.00
Wonder Wire
Magic in front of your eyes!
£ 8.99
Science Christmas Cards (Set of 6)
A set of six Christmas cards, each with a science theme or illusion!
£ 20.99
(-50.02%) £ 10.49
A most unusual yo-yo!
£ 17.99
Penguin Pop!
Drop it onto the table and it transforms into a penguin!
£ 12.99
Cast Puzzle - ABC
In this puzzle you are trying to free the "C” from the "AB” piece
£ 12.00
Spinning Man (Pirouetto)
This wooden toy can be used to make most spinning tops spin!
£ 13.99
Wroow Mini Racer
Charge it up and watch it go!
£ 9.99
3D Compass
The 3D Compass is a clever little device that follows the earth's magnetic field in three dimensions!
£ 21.00
Staying Power Top
The spinning top with stamina! 
£ 29.99
Upside Down Scope
This single-prism optical inversion device will show you the world upside down!
£ 36.99
Dice Top
This elegant wooden top incorporates a dice!
£ 19.99
Spilled Wine
Did the wine get spilled, or is it just an illusion!
£ 19.99
Treaty of Tordesillas
An engaging piece of paper engineering, depicting the world being divided up - in 1494!
£ 21.99
Tim's Nile Mug
This elegant bone china mug features Tim, together with some references to the Nile!

£ 9.99
Spin Top
This spinning top contains a surprise! 
£ 23.99
Secret Cups
A version of the three cups magic trick!

£ 16.99
Curie Point Magnetic Heat Engine
Here is a little engine that demonstrates a magnetic property known as the Curie Effect. The French scientist Pierre Curie discovered that...
£ 45.99
(-34.77%) £ 30.00
Flux Original
With its gravity-defying effect, this is a scientific toy that feels like magic!
£ 60.00
Skill Flux
Skill Flux uses ultra high purity aluminium. The magnetic ball moves faster through the aluminium tube that it would through copper, so these faster...
£ 33.00
Skill Set
Drop the ultra-strong magnetic ball inside one of the the aluminium tubes, and experience just how slowly the ball falls. Although the ball is not...
£ 45.00
Inverter Magnet
The Inverter Magnet is an amazing new discovery that until recently only existed in science fiction! The magnet array creates a 'tractor beam' that...
£ 24.99
Reversing Goggles
These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down!
£ 55.00
Vortex Dome
This is a beautiful physics toy designed for your desk. A vortex lives in here, just spin the gorgeous glass dome to see it!
£ 60.00
Magnificent Dinosaur Machine
Turn the handle to watch the Dinosaur walk and ROAR! Darwin the cat gets a bit scared by the roar and disappears down the chimney.
£ 14.99
Finger Top
The Finger Top spins - as the name suggests - on the tip of your finger. 
£ 27.00
Roll Over Top
With the correct touch, this top will hop upside down!
£ 17.00
Christmas Origami
Fold your own Christmas decorations with this seasonal origami set!
£ 8.00
(-50.00%) £ 4.00
Cast Puzzle - TRINITY
A puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via an elusive, organic design. 
£ 12.00
Chinese Magic Mirror
Shine a bright, collimated light on the mirror - sunlight works brilliantly - and the pattern on the back of the mirror  will be projected at the wall or on any blank screen. Then you’ll see the image of the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac.
£ 100.00
The pocket-sized electronic spinning top counts the number of revolutions and keeps track of scores - can you beat the highest score?
£ 14.95
Adventures in Wonderland Card
Open the Music Box Card to reveal a beautiful musical storytelling scene. Listen to the music and watch Alice and the White Rabbit magically chase around and around to the music.
£ 9.95
Infinity Loop

High Quality Stainless steel spring! Rolls like a metallic bubble! 3D Kinetic Spring! A Springy Slinky for your arm!

£ 4.99