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Televisor Kit

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A working television, based on John Logie Baird's original - the only mechanical TV in regular production.

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A working television, based on John Logie Baird's original - the only mechanical TV in regular production. John Logie Baird devised the first practical television in the late 1920s (he described this as a televisor).

This kit contains all the parts needed to make a televisor that works in much the same way as the original televisor and will allow you to experience TV as it was then. TV footage is encoded on a CD included in this kit. Simply plug the televisor into a CD player and play the CD to view the footage.

Alternatively, if you have a computer with a 'line out' socket, you can download the stereo audio files here - - and play them from your computer. 

It is important to mention that the device is not playing a DVD -  audio CDs have two tracks, in order to play stereo. But in this device, one audio track has the sound and the other audio track contains the images, which are decoded by the electronics in the televisor. Early experiments by the BBC in the late 1920s involved playing the televisor pictures and sound from the transmitters normally used for radio. There were no television transmitters until 1936. 

Approximate size: 260 x 195 x 70mm.

Requires 4 x AA size batteries, plus a CD player.

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Customer reviews
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The televisor kit assembly proceeded quickly and reasonably easily. The only portion of the assembly requiring some tweaking was the placement of the Nipkow disc on the drive shaft. Because the disc in my kit was slightly warped, I needed to adjust the placement so that the disc didn't periodically rub against the disc sync sensor. Otherwise, the friction prevented successful adjustment of the disc rotation speed. With this adjustment, the test card image displayed properly.
Carl H.
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Im happy with my Televisor model. I already have it working but only with fixed images. I cannot syncronise with the videos included in the CD even that the sound is ok. Please could you help me in this matter? I will appreciate your help.
Shopping Satisfaction
Well it only works on test card, it won't sync up the cd at all, and thats not good.
Andre H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product, good value and easy to assemble ...
John K.
Shopping Satisfaction
The kit was of very high quality and went together without a problem. The well-written and informative instructions were also of great benefit. I had some minor problems (likely my own fault) calibrating against the test card but experienced no issues whatsoever watching the NBTV samples on the included CD (or compatible NBTV files downloaded from the NBTV association). I highly recommend this kit.
Frederick M.
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More amazing than modern televisions.
Ihsan oktay a.