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Chinese Magic Mirror

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Shine sunlight on this apparently blank metal mirror, and the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac will appear!

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The mirror is made of polished bronze, and is 10cm in diameter. On the back, cast in relief, are the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. 

Shine a bright, collimated light onto the front surface of the mirror - sunlight works brilliantly - and the pattern on the back of the mirror  will appear, projected on the wall or on any blank screen, and you will see the image of the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac.

How is this possible? One theory says that the metal has somehow become transparent, so that the images on the back magically pass through the thickness of the mirror, and are projected from the front, mirrored side. But we don't believe that!!

If you are using sunlight, then you get the picture when you project the image onto a surface that is not in direct sunlight. If you are using an artificial light source, it should be a collimated beam. An LED torch that has a single, very bright LED will also work. You will find the image greatly improved if you remove the reflector around the bulb, so that the light is coming from as small a source as possible. 

A detailed paper about Magic Mirrors can be found here - 

The mirror comes in a woven 'Sea Wave' silk bag. These come in many different colours and patterns, and we cannot guarantee what colour bag you will get. 
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Customer reviews
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Very cool and very interesting. I will be using it as a puzzle.
Thomas W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Beautiful product -awesome effect in the direct sunlight!

...with some minor issues...
I would not pack an polished optical surface direct in a Ziplock Bag without
special surface protection.
There are traces of abherent on the surface and some tiny scratches and abrasion from the bag...

Heiko R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Intriguing and beautiful object ! The effect is astounding.
Shopping Satisfaction
Really well made and it works. Awesome.
John L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nice packaging and a high quality item. Extremely good value.
Scott B.
Shopping Satisfaction
What a treasure! a fascinating artifact with a very handsome case and display stand.
Adam R.
Shopping Satisfaction
INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT and unique OPTICAL device..VERY VERY hard to find period. I have been praying for years you would get more! I want the 12 house zodiac as well!!..How about Necronomicon Sigil, Unicursal Hexagram, 2mirrorsLeft/Right view projected viewed with cross eye method you get 3d floating shadow image!!!

I WISH THE LINE OF IMAGE OFFERINGS AND SIZES would be increased..MAKE LARGE ONES PLEASE! Offer CUSTOM images! Imagine as wedding/graduation/or ultimate trophy value of such!!!
Holger J.