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End of Year Puzzle Party (EPP) 2023

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The best puzzles of 2023...

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Tim normally goes to a number of toy fairs every year, including big trade shows like the New York Toy Fair and the Nuremberg Toy Fair. He also goes to a number of much smaller events, which are normally not advertised, and are 'by invitation' only. 

The puzzle enthusiast Peter Hajek holds an 'end of the year puzzle party' or EPP every December, from his home in London. Part of the event is a 'show and tell', where everyone has to show the three best puzzles they have come across during the year. This was the third year that the event was held entirely online. As Peter says, this does mean there can be no puzzle trading, eating and drinking, playing with the various puzzles and general socialising. On the other hand, puzzlers from overseas are able to take part via Zoom, rather than just e-mailing in their contribution. This year, 78 puzzlers from 19 countries contributed to the booklet, and 36 people were present on the live Zoom call. 

Peter subsequently writes up an account of all the puzzles that were chosen, with lots of illustrations, and he then has the booklet professionally printed. These are a wonderful record of the meeting for the attendees, and we normally manage to get a few copies from Peter for the Grand Illusions web site. 

They are a wonderful reference and also a lovely insight into these private puzzle parties, where metagrobolists (puzzle enthusiasts!) meet up and share their passion for the latest puzzles. 

As you would expect, Tim attended this event, but as he is not very 'zoom savvy' he went round to a friend's house, and they both attended virtually from there! 

EPP 2023 44pp. A4. Full colour.

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