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Enter If You Can - The Art of Puzzle Boxes

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A comprehensively illustrated hardback book that explores the fascinating subject of puzzle boxes...
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A comprehensively illustrated hardback book, that explores the fascinating subject of puzzle boxes...

'We seem programmed to want to know how to find a secret door and open it...' 

Professor Peter Hajek has been chasing puzzling objects for over 40 years, and this lovely book explores both the history of boxes with secret openings, and also introduces the reader to a number of the designers who are making puzzle boxes today. 

Kevin Sadler writes...'This beautiful book by Professor Hajek is a Tour de force production with beautiful pictures and should be thought of as THE DEFINITIVE history and analysis of all the puzzle world has to offer on the subject of puzzle boxes.' 

The book has been privately printed, and is available from Pelikan in the Czech Republic, and us. The US distributor has sold out, and we were sold out as well. Luckily we were able to get a few more copies from the Czech distributor. It is most unlikely that it will be reprinted. 

First printed in 2021. 

The book is 285mm x 220mm x 15mm, and is 176pp. 

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Customer reviews
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Lovely looking Hardback.Looks very nice, maybe while before I read it as I have about 300books on my reading pile and am currently reading 3.
Stuart H.
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Pierre B.
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This is a fascinating, well researched and well written book by probably the world's most knowledgable person on the subject of puzzle boxes. If you are interested in puzzle boxes or puzzles in general, this is the book to buy.
Raymond Stanton.
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A curate's egg - good in parts.
Michael H.
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An excellent book, with wonderful illustrations. The author has thought carefully about how to present the information and it is full of thoughtful touches that readers will appreciate.
Tony M.
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This is a excellent book, Wonderful pictures, great information, and perfect printing.
Mark P.
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I haven't read the book yet! I'll only give it to myself for Christmas!
Mario Mattheus.
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Looks well illustrated book,been put away for Xmas,canít wait!
Christopher P.