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Tippe Top XL

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Tippe Top XLThis is the extra large (XL) version of the Tippe Top. Whereas our normal Tippe Top is 35mm high, this one is 50mm high! (One of the images shows the XL version next to the normal Tippe Top). A Tippe Top consists of a slightly flattened sphere, with a metal stem. It looks slightly like a small mushroom.If you spin the top, it starts to slide and tip over. If you spin it fast enough, it will turn completely upside down, spinning on its stem.This strange piece of physics was discovered by the German physicist Helen Sperle in 1891. There are very cheap versions around, made of plastic, but this designer version is made of aluminium, and comes in an elegant foam surround with a cardboard sleeve. The top is about 50mm high, and the designer and maker of the top is - appropriately enough - German.If you would like to know more about the physics of the Tippe Top, here is a link to a site which summarises a diploma thesis based entirely on the Tippe Top. The site is in English, and you can even download the thesis (although that is in German). Made in EU

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Customer reviews
Douglas Lecocq Review collected by Feefo
Great product, a little challenging to spin..but after a few tries it worked as advertised.
Daniel Asbury Review collected by Feefo
Love the item and its craftmanship. Thought that the company should improve on their packaging though - looks a bit flimsy and is hard to slide open.
Katrina Jago Review collected by Feefo
Top was difficult to get to stand on end. Maybe my poor top skills. :).
Michael Mirsky Review collected by Feefo
Marc Pawliger Review collected by Feefo
It is difficult to get Tippe Top XL to tip to top.
Andreas PflOgler Review collected by Feefo
Grand illusions ltd = top qualit? et service.
John Caruso Review collected by Feefo
Matthew McFall Review collected by Feefo
Ross Parkes Review collected by Feefo
William Gilmore Review collected by Feefo