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Flippe Ball Puzzle

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Spin the Flippe Ball Puzzle and see what happens! 

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This new and very intriguing puzzle is also a spinning top that acts like Tippe Top. There are three pieces and a ball bearing. The pieces can be fitted together into a sphere, with the ball bearing trapped inside, in an internal channel. Spin the sphere, and it acts like a Tippe Top, and the sphere orientates itself so that the ball bearing inside is now at its highest position, i.e. the centre of gravity has moved upwards. 

The sphere will spin like this for maybe 10 seconds or so, and the position of the internal ball bearing ensures that the three pieces stay locked in position. However, as the sphere slows down there comes a point when the internal ball bearing moves down the channel. When this happens, it no longer holds the sphere together, and the three pieces fly apart. Given that the sphere has been happily spinning for 10 seconds or so, it is always quite a surprise when this happens. 

You then have the challenge (not too difficult!) of fitting the three pieces and the ball bearing back together again. 

The Flippe Ball Puzzles come in a variety of colours. You will get one Flippe Ball Puzzle in your order. 

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