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Wimshurst Machine Kit

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Wimshurst Machine KitThis high quality cardboard construction kit allows you to build your own version of the classical high voltage generator - with limited current for safe experiments! For many people this machine is the most vivid memory of their physics classes at school. Everybody is fascinated by the crackling flashes of lightning that appear between the electrodes when the crank on the back is turned. Two counter-rotating acrylic discs with aluminium segments produce static electricity of up to 70,000 volts that is stored in two Leyden jars made from PVC and aluminium foil. The Leyden jars are discharged via two spherical electrodes, producing bright sparks. The capacity of the Leyden jars is deliberately limited, so that the electricity produced is completely harmless.

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Customer reviews
Bernard Gisin Review collected by Feefo
Laurent Langloys Review collected by Feefo
Anton Vladislavovich Semenov Review collected by Feefo
I bought this Wimshurst machine kit as a Christmas present for my Husband ,if the present is as good as the service I will be very pleased.
Yvonne Greenwood Review collected by Feefo
Josie Carter Review collected by Feefo
Matt Eade Review collected by Feefo
Emma Lawson Review collected by Feefo
Lots of interesting gear.
Kevin Cook Review collected by Feefo
The only thing that the devise is a little bit complicated, but that is fine.
Igor Keves Review collected by Feefo
I knew the item needed to be assembled, but I had no idea it was so many tiny pieces to deal with, and the instructions don't even have pictures!
Stephanie Arnold Review collected by Feefo