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Upside Down Scope

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This single-prism optical inversion device will show you the world upside down!

Like a camera lens, light entering our eyes produces an inverted image on the viewer's retina. The fact that we see the world the right way up is the result of adaptation using the brain's processing capacity to flip the image. 

The effect of looking through the Upside Down Scope is to optically rotate the viewer's image around the line of sight by 180 degrees. This produces an upside down image which gives us incorrect spatial information, and explains why we have difficulty carrying out simple tasks when seeing this way.

The Upside Down Scope requires some assembly. No glue is required, the kit comes with 2 sticky pads, which is all the adhesive that is required. At the heart of the scope is a single glass prism. This gives a wide field of view when you look through the scope. 

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