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Treaty of Tordesillas

André Garcia Pimenta
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An engaging piece of paper engineering, depicting the world being divided up - in 1494!
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The Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) was an agreement between Spain and Portugal, which divided all the newly discovered lands outside Europe between the two countries. The treaty was intended to settle a dispute that was created after the return of Christopher Columbus, whose voyage of discovery had been on behalf of Spain. However on his way back, he first reached Lisbon, in Portugal, where he had an audience with King John II of Portugal. King John felt that the newly discovered lands belonged to Portugal. The Spanish asked Pope Alexander VI to intercede, and he decided that all the lands west of a line 100 leagues west of the Azores should belong to Spain. This was the Treaty of Tordesillas. 

Our paper engineering model shows two 15th century gentlemen busily sawing the world in half! The pre-cut pieces just need to be pushed out from the pages of the book. You will need to provide the glue. Once you have constructed the model, turn the handle at the bottom to watch the action!

Suitable for ages 8+ although children of this age will probably need some adult assistance. 

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