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Tippe Top

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Tippe TopThe Tippe Top consists of a slightly flattened sphere, with a metal stem. It looks slightly like a small mushroom!If you spin the top, it starts to slide and tip over. If you spin it fast enough, it will turn completely upside down, spinning on its stem.This strange piece of physics was discovered by the German physicist Helen Sperle in 1891. There are very cheap versions around, made of plastic, but this designer version is made of aluminium, and comes in an elegant foam surround with a cardboard sleeve. The top is about 35mm high, and the designer and maker of the top is - appropriately enough - German.If you would like to know more about the physics of the Tippe Top, here is a link to a site which summarises a diploma thesis based entirely on the Tippe Top. The site is in English, and you can even download the thesis (although that is in German). Made in EU

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Customer reviews
Great little item spins very well love the science as to why it flips over would recommend.
Jonathan Wood Review collected by Feefo
Aluminum, so not as absolutely perfect as some higher quality metals, but the price! A real steal. It's the best thing going for this classic, very interesting top. It works just as good as any other. Turns over just as advertised.
David Whisler Review collected by Feefo
Tony Bremner Review collected by Feefo
Valentin LOTTERIE Review collected by Feefo
Excellent top, perfectly shaped.
Patrizia Anzani Review collected by Feefo
Newman Chen Review collected by Feefo
Excellent craftmanship. Made with heart and soul.
Santeri Kiiski Review collected by Feefo
Well crafted and well presented.
Jen Murphy Review collected by Feefo
Ken Delaney Review collected by Feefo
Hight quality. !
Helene Crawford Review collected by Feefo