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The Magic of Pub Tricks

Marvin's Magic
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20 perfect tricks to pull out in between pints...
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This set contains 20 perfect tricks to pull out in between pints, including coin and glass illusions. Ideal for any occasion that needs a bit of a magic, these are tricks you can learn and perform in minutes.

Inside The Magic of Pub Tricks, youíll discover 20 mind-bending tricks and illusions that are guaranteed to get a good laugh (and maybe a free drink).

Learn to perform cunning bets you canít lose and an array of illusions involving coins, matches, glasses, dice and more.

Thanks to ingenious props and a step by step guide designed for novices, these pub tricks are easy to learn, master and crucially remember!

Aimed at adults but suitable for anyone aged 8 and above. 

Difficulty: Easy

Suitable for: 8 years+

In the box: Props, illusions and instructions