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The Pendulum kit is designed to serve as a learning tool rather than a puzzle...
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The Pendulum Kit is an educational model, an interactive study guide to the mechanism, so you can learn the principles of how a pendulum works. 

The pendulum is one of the basic and most reliable time measuring mechanisms. Its working principle is based on the model's constant amplitude oscillation under the force of gravity (weight) and potential energy (tension force) of the rubber band. The rubber band powers the mechanism of the model and compensates for the pendulum's oscillations' kinetic energy loss. The device is animated by means of gear unit with a windup wheel.

The model has an anchor escapement controlling the frequency of oscillations, a weight, a scape-wheel, gearing, rubber band, ratchet, and pawl reducing operation error. The model has several means to control the frequency of oscillations: the weight of the pendulum bob, the vertical position of the weight on the pendulum, and the tension of the rubber band.

The Pendulum kit is designed as a learning tool rather than a puzzle.

In the box you will find...

  • High-quality wooden boards with pre-cut details and other standard supplies.
  • Assembly requires no glue or additional tools.
  • The pieces come out of the boards with a slight push
  • Detailed step-by-step color instruction manual. Easy to follow – easy to learn.
  • Examples and suggestions for your fun hands-on projects.
  • QR-code to Pocket Model’s Study Guide (the Pendulum Essentials with a description of the mechanism, principle of working, main characteristics, definitions, and formulas).
  • QR-code to Ugears AR Application. New exciting features from Ugears to make your learning experience even more fascinating!

Model Size: 4.5x3.3x6.6 in (11.5x8.3x16.7 cm)

Number of components: 92

Estimated time of assembly: 1-2 hour

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