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Shtox Glass

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Shtox Glass
A very elegant crystal glass tumbler, handmade in Germany. However this glass tumbler has a very special trick. Place it on the table, give the glass a spin, and it keeps on spinning! Either empty, or with a drink in it, the underside is specially designed and hand finished. If you choose the glass with a spiral design, the spiral either seems to be moving up the glass or down, depending on which way you spin the glass. The other design has two ovals engraved into the glass, and when you spin the glass, these loop around in an intriguing fashion.Designed in Russia and made in Germany, this was a winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2009. An unusual present for the person who has everything. And quite a talking point! Slightly hard to describe, but the video makes it clear!These are substantial lead crystal tumblers, 98mm high. No half measures here! Each glass comes in a very smart and elegant protective tin.Made in Germany

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Customer reviews
Good quality and holds a lot of beer !
Peter Hinterreiter Review collected by Feefo
This product is beautifully crafted. I bought it as a gift and the recipient was thrilled with it.
Brigitte Stamp Review collected by Feefo
Very nice piece of solid glass work that works as well as advertised.
Richard Keeling Review collected by Feefo
I tried to order this last year but they were sold out. The recipient was very happy with it.
Constance Earl Review collected by Feefo
Product was as described, and was excellent.
Swaminathan Ramanathan Review collected by Feefo
Beautiful. Would of bought the other model if it was available.
Jeph Stahl Review collected by Feefo
Nick Wright Review collected by Feefo
Beautiful. Bought for a friend.
Sharon White Review collected by Feefo
Exemplary. Spins just like in the video.
Lee Kroschel Review collected by Feefo
If it's not on glass specifically it takes some trial and error to find the perfect spot for it to spin, but once you do it can go for quite a while. Very well balanced. Despite the price, my friend loves it and that's the important bit.
Connor Smith Review collected by Feefo