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Coin Bank Puzzle
This nifty little puzzle allows you to insert a single coin into the Perspex disc. This bit is easy. However when you try to remove the coin, it is...
£ 7.99
Cast Puzzle - PADLOCK
The design of this puzzle is evocative of a study padlock.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - DIAL
Solve the puzzle by turning the dials on both sides...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - INFINITY
This puzzle is called infinity not only for its appearance, but also because its movement continues endlessly until the pieces are taken apart.
£ 10.50
Cast Puzzle - CAKE
A quarter of this cake has been cut away showing three identical layers inside...
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - DIAMOND
This diamond consists of two pieces. Taking them apart is easy, but putting them back together takes some thought.
£ 12.00
Cast Puzzle - ENIGMA
This is without a doubt among the most difficult of all puzzles.
£ 12.00
Puzzle and Perplex - The Triangle Puzzle
Made of solid steel, this puzzle is guaranteed to flex your cognitive muscles. If thatís not enough, it comes with two brainteasers and two fascinating facts to give your brain a thorough workout!
£ 8.00
Elusive E
This little wooden puzzle should be sooo simple. Just 3 pieces. All you have to do is to create a capital letter 'E'. And the pieces should not overlap at all. Can't be too hard can it?
£ 8.99
(-11.12%) £ 7.99