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Puzzle Box #3

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A puzzle box with 5 star difficulty!

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For centuries, puzzle boxes have been used to pass secret messages and small precious items. They are also a favourite item with people who love solving puzzles! 

This puzzle box contains a hidden compartment, can you find out how to open it? 

Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Designed by Jean Claude Constantin, who is based in Nuremberg, Germany, this puzzle box is rated 5 out of 5 stars for difficulty, so it will not be easy to open... 

Jean Claude produces over 70 new designs of puzzle each year! He is one of the world's puzzle masters! 

Dimensions - 15 x 8 x 3.5 cm

Suggested Age is 14+
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Not difficult for true puzzle fiends. My son opened it within a quarter of an hour.
Caroline D.
Sorry it wasn't enough of a challenge. Our puzzle boxes have an EU designer, but are made in China, hence the low price.

It is not something we sell, but you might like to look at the Revo Maze line of products - . They are designed and made in the UK, and the advanced ones quote a 'solving time' of 100 - 200 hours! They are not cheap, but maybe if you look at the cost of each 'puzzling hour' it is not so bad! Having said that, I would probably not start with one of the advanced models...!
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