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Paradox Box

(Code: 950)
A totally hands-off mind reading trick!

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Inside the black box are two metal containers. One with  a green lid, the other with a red lid. Invite someone to place a coin or other small object inside one of the containers, while your back is turned. You do not need to see what they are doing. Once they have replaced the lid on the container, they place it back in the box, and put the lid back on the box. You then turn around and tell them which container they have placed the object in. 

This is a totally hands-off mind reading trick. You do not need to touch the black box, or the metal containers. We like this trick a lot! 

The box is 4.2 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches


Together with each Paradox Box, you will get a free magic trick - the Magic Mystery Pen. Pass a pen through a bank note, leaving no hole!