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Monster from the Deep

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André Garcia Pimenta
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An engaging piece of animated paper engineering, which shows a ship and a giant sea monster!
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The Monster from the Deep is an elegant piece of paper engineering, that comes in book form. Press out the pre-cut pieces, glue them together, and you can construct this elegant moving model.

Turn the handle at the front, and you see the square rigged sailing ship riding the waves. But then, up from the deep, appears the sea monster, with snapping jaws. He takes a massive bite, but luckily he misses, and the ship sails on. But wait, here he come again... 

You need to supply a suitable paper/card glue

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Customer reviews
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Was fun to assemble. Instructions were image-only but were easy enough to follow. Took me around two hours to complete and was a fun challenge! My dad will love his Christmas gift 😁
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic moving paper model!
Hartmut E.