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The iKaleidosphere turns images and videos on any smart phone into amazing kaleidoscopic pictures! 

Simply use the heavy duty rubber bands to attach a smart phone to one end of the iKaleidosphere, and then look into the other end of the device and you will see a kaleidoscopic image of whatever pictures or videos are on the smart phone. 

The iKaleidosphere is designed by Nick Moore, an English inventor, designer and co-founder of the company Brilliant Adventures Ltd. He has specialised in optical illusions using mirrors that create infinity and 3D effects since 1985. His larger installations have appeared in locations such as the Natural History Museum, London, UK, and exhibitions for an International clientele, including Pioneer Electronics, Greenpeace, Coca Cola, DTI British Pavilion Seville, Port of Felixstowe Atlanta USA, Discovery Channel, Madam Tussaud's, Virgin Atlantic, Light Fantastic, Techniquest Cardiff, Milford Haven Science Centre and the Ekamai Science Museum Thailand.

He has also designed a range of smaller items, such as the iKaleidosphere. 

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