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Gosper Curve Fractal Puzzle

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Named after Bill Gosper, and also known as the flowsnake curve...

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Fractal tray puzzles are based upon space filling fractal curves. The pattern is a single line that crosses all of the two-dimensional space without ever repeating. The puzzles follow these simple rules to break the line into multiple pieces that are almost identical but are actually unique. The pieces are so similar in style that once they are placed into the puzzle it is hard to see where the pieces are. The puzzles can be tricky to solve even if you have the solution on hand.

The Gosper Curve: named after Bill Gosper and also known as the flowsnake. The triangular pattern is reminiscent of a complex snowflake. 

This puzzle has 14 unique pieces.

Each puzzle is 200x200mm in size, the pieces are 3mm thick and the whole puzzle is 6mm thick.

Made in the UK

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Shopping Satisfaction
Very tricky, still trying to solve it.
Giovanni C.