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Geobender Cube "Nautilus"

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GeoBender is an elegant and sophisticated 3D magnetic puzzle...

Each GeoBender Cube consists of 12 pyramids. Each pyramid has 3 magnets. The individual pyramids are connected by hinges and form a chain or a ring. By means of the hinges, the GeoBender Cube can be transformed into various forms.

The GeoBender Cube can be transformed into more than 70 different shapes. Some of them are rigid, some are flexible. It takes some practice to understand all the possibilities of this unique puzzle.

This design is called Nautilus. The outside has a nautilus shell. The interior shows a deep blue ocean wave. The transitional areas show a green forest on one side and a flowing orange-red lava flow on the other side.

The GeoBender Cube is 6 x 6 x 6cm.  It is supplied in a presentation box, with quick start instructions. 

Suitable for ages 8+

Even more magic is possible when 4 GeoBender Cubes are brought together. Magnetism allows the individual forms to be linked together to create structures of greater complexity and beauty.

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