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Funny Monoplane

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Chocks away as our man takes to the skies in his vintage monoplane!

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It is another one of those magnificent men in their flying machines! 

A vintage looking monoplane from the 1930s;  and suspended from a long spring this plane really looks the part! The pilot has the traditional leather helmet and goggles, although this plane seems to be fitted with a steering wheel. An early design maybe? 

Planes with two landing wheels forward of the centre of gravity and either a small wheel or maybe a skid to support the tail are sometimes known as taildraggers! 

Tim's Amazing Vintage Retro Steampunk Flying Machines

These flying machines were made in the Philippines about 20 years ago. They have been sitting in a warehouse ever since! Made of metal, with ceramic hand painted figures, there is no plastic involved. Hand made by skilled craftsmen, each one will be slightly different. This is a decorative item, and is fairly fragile. It is not a toy, and should not be handled by children. 

We are very pleased to have been able to acquire this consignment of flying machines. Quantities of each item are limited, and once sold, there will be no more. 

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