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Flying Boat Ahoy - Arctic Adventure

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Our aeronaut glides silently over the snow and ice... 

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This strange flying contraption comes with arctic camouflage. The flapping wings are vaguely reminiscent of a pterodactyl, and our aviator is sitting snugly in his small boat. Water landing is clearly possible, if a little chilly. At the back is a propeller. And underneath the boat are runners. Clearly landing on the ice and snow will be a doddle. And with a rolled up map in his pocket and a telescope in his hand, he seems to know where he is going. And presumably with his supplies in the wicker basket hanging from a rope below the flying machine, he is not going to go hungry. The white wings allow him to blend in as he floats above the ice and snow!

Suspended from a spring, if the flying machine wafts up and down in a breeze, the wings will gently flap a little bit. 

Wing span is 27cm

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