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Fire in Adlerstein

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Act as a real detective to investigate the case of a suspicious fire

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Do you like crime stories and mysterious investigations? Do you notice things that others don't? Or maybe you would like to meet up for a round of exit games, crime dinners or escape room games? Use the evidence you've gathered and conduct your own investigations to uncover the truth. 

In our detective game you will act as a real detective, in order to investigate the case of a suspicious fire that took place in the town of Adlerstein and resulted in the death of a citizen.

A journalist is accused of arson with fatal consequences. He collected numerous pieces of evidence with the aim of proving his innocence. You must determine if he is telling the truth and find the real criminal.

The game is conceived as a realistic criminal case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the police in real life.

This detective game is designed as a one-time game, like an exit game or murder mystery dinner. However, it can be played again by other players, since the material is not destroyed during the game.


TYPE : A cooperative deduction game 
GAME TIME: 90-120 minutes
PLAYERS: Between 1 and 5 players
AGE: 14+
MEDIA: Internet access required, also a Facebook account

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