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CUMOS Box CH80 Universe A Type

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A galaxy in your hand...

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The CUMOS Box, or cubic cosmos scope, is a 3D cubic kaleidoscope. These are hand made by the Japanese inventor, Professor Minori Yamazaki. 

There is an 8mm viewing hole in the front of the box. 

"At first, I was trying to capture the vast cosmos within a tiny box that would fit neatly in my hand. Then, I became fascinated by the mystery of the finiteness and infinity of life.

While an ordinary kaleidoscope consists of anything from 2 to 4 mirrors, the CUMOS mirror box consists of three pairs of mirrors facing each other, creating an infinite three-dimensional space with depth. 

As well as the CUMOS box, you will receive a colour changing LED. Although the internal image does not move, and when you bring the LED close to the translucent walls of the box, you create ever changing colours in the miniature universe inside! 

The CUMOS box is made with great care, and Minori Yamazaki can only make 1 or 2 of these a day. 

The back of each box is engraved with the model, date of production, and the author's signature.

The box is 80 x 80 x 80mm, and weights 129 g. 

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