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Christmas Puzzle Cards - Set of 3

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A Christmas card for fans of riddles and escape rooms...

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This Christmas Card contains three puzzles, that have to be solved in order. You get three copies of the card in the pack, plus envelopes. 

The solution to each puzzle gives clues to the next puzzle.

Playing time is 20 to 25 min.
Players: 1-2
Size: 12cm x 17cm (closed) / 24cm x 17cm (opened)
Designed as a one-time game like an escape room.
Can be replayed by other players, as solving the puzzles does not damage the card
And it is also a Christmas card!
If you get stuck, the card has a link to a web site that gives you clues and hints

What do you need? Curiosity, fun, "out of the box" thinking

Pack contains three Christmas cards and three envelopes. The cards all have the same design/puzzles

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