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Christmas Pack 2023/2024

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Our annual festive goody bag, packed with items to puzzle, entertain and amuse!
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Every year we create a brand new 'Grand Illusions Christmas Pack' containing a number of items that Tim has come across during the year. Tim loves putting together the goodies in the Christmas Pack, and he also enjoys setting himself the challenge of finding new items every year!

Here are the contents of the Grand Illusions 2023/2024 Christmas Pack...

1.Meowy Christmas Card

You can safely open the card and write a message inside. Once you are ready, you pull out the tab, and now the card is 'primed'. Pop it in the envelope, and sent it to the lucky victim... sorry, recipient. The card is supplied with a regular envelope, but if you are sending it through the post, it is probably best to put it in something that will protect it, either a card backed envelope, or a bubble envelope. It will seem like a special Christmas card for the recipient. Open it up and it will 'meow' a Christmas song. Lovely.  The only thing is... it doesn't stop! There is no off switch. It plays non-stop until the battery dies! They could just tear the card apart to stop it playing, but then they would discover the other thing - that inside the card there is... glitter! 

2.Christmas Balloon Heads – 5 different designs

These colourful Christmas balloon heads are ideal party favours or stocking fillers. Each balloon has stickers and cardboard feet for you to create your own character. 

3.Magic Square

Out of all the numbers in the universe, there are 16 amazing numbers that form the Magic Square!

4.Googly Eyes

These pop-out eyes glasses make ideal novelty presents and fancy-dress accessories.

5.Stretchy Man

Fantastic elastic fun!

6.Flying Machine

A vintage steampunk flying machine that suspends from a spring. Designs vary.

7.Talking Tape

The plastic strip contains a secret audio message. The company in the USA who had been making Talking Tapes for over 100 years closed down a few years ago. This is some of our very last stock of these fun tapes! 

8.NT Dice

An amusing probability game to trick and baffle your friends.

9.Thor’s Thunder Tube

Gently shake, to create the sound of thunder!

10.Infinity Spinning Top

One spin and it will spin forever... well, as long as the batteries last anyway!

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Exceeded expectations.
Loads of variety to enjoy.
John B.
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Very good, as always!!
Shopping Satisfaction
The Christmas Packs are awesome. A fun mixture of toys and collectibles. I use them as part of our Advent Calendar. It is a good mix for that, something different every day. Some things are better than others, and if therebwas an option, I might switch a couple items, but overall absolutely worth it.
Homer M.
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Helen F.