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Cast Puzzle - U&U

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Cast Puzzle - U&UThe Japanese company Hanayama have been making a range of cast metal puzzles for over a quarter of a century now. The design of their puzzles is amazing, as is the craftmanship with which they are made. Hanayama make a wide range of cast puzzles. We have just selected a few of our favourites to offer here in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop.U&U is Level 4 Difficulty (i.e. quite difficult). It comes in a smart presentation box. The two U shaped bolts would not seem to present much of a challenge - just unscrew one of the nuts, and they should come apart... If only it were that simple! The nuts do not unscrew!This puzzle is brand new for 2014!These puzzles do not come with a solution. However if you visit the distributor website at http://www.eureka-puzzle.eu/eureka/index.php?/all-cast-puzzle-solutions.html and enter the complete barcode found on the box your puzzle came in, you will be able to access the solution.
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