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Cast Puzzle - NUTCASE

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Nutcase - a 6 star difficulty puzzle that is also a secret box!
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The Japanese company Hanayama have been making a range of cast metal puzzles for over a quarter of a century now. The design of their puzzles is amazing, as is the craftmanship with which they are made. Hanayama make a wide range of cast puzzles. We have just selected a few of our favourites to offer here in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop.

Nutcase is a 6 star difficulty puzzle. 

The goal - separate and then put back together!

There are two goals to the Cast Nutcase created by the Dutch puzzle inventor, Oskar van Deventer

1. Remove the small nut by disassembling the Cast Nutcase.
2. Cast puzzle enthusiasts (nutcases) can enjoy trying to change the wording on the bolt from ‘nut-case’ to ‘case-nut’.

The key word is "Interlocking”.

It's not only a puzzle, but also - you will discover - a secret box!
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