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Cambridge Labyrinth Puzzle Box

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Puzzle box and marble run maze combined in one box!
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60 to 90 minutes of puzzling fun as you solve this little escape room in a box! You have to solve a series of puzzles and navigate the marble through the maze. Once you have solved the puzzle box, you can reassemble it and challenge other people to open it! 

Inside is a secret space that is 5 x 9 cm. You can hide a small gift inside, and challenge the recipient to solve the box in order to find the gift! 

If you get stuck, there is a hints page online. The manual which comes with the box will give the address. 

Suggested age - 14+


In the early 19th century, provincial Philosophical Societies started blossoming across the United Kingdom. There people could meet and listen to talks on the latest discoveries and inventions. William Whewell, a fellow of Cambridge University, became one of the founders of Cambridge Philosophical Society in 1819. It transformed major English universities into world-leading centres of scientific research we know today. The term "scientist" had not even existed until William Whewell coined it in 1833. It is believed that there was only one condition to become a member of the Philosophical Society – applicants had to pass the entrance challenge by opening the mechanical box "Cambridge Labyrinth” invented by scientist William Whewell. Now you have an opportunity to face the challenge which used to be the first step for many inventors into the world of science and engineering!