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Bat Wings

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
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What a flying machine!

Our intrepid aviator is dressed in leather flying jacket, together with helmet and goggles, and has a telescope in his hand to spy out the terrain below. 

Above him are the wings, which do look rather bat-like! Plus a tail fin to keep him on course. 

Suspended from a spring, our flying machine will waft to and fro in every passing breeze, and a stronger breeze will cause the wings to flap gently. 

Tim's Amazing Vintage Retro Steampunk Flying Machines

These flying machines were made in the Philippines about 20 years ago. Made of metal, with ceramic hand painted figures, there is no plastic involved. Hand made by skilled craftsmen, each one will be slightly different. This is a decorative item, and is fairly fragile. It is not a toy, and should not be handled by children. 

We are very pleased to have been able to acquire this consignment of flying machines. Quantities of each item are limited, and once sold, there will be no more. 

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Fabulous. Iím an avid biker and this mobile is well made and adds a touch of humor to my workout room.
Harry P.