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I have just received my parcel from Grand Illusions. However I had to pay additional custom clearance and VAT costs. Why is this?
    We are a UK based company, and we required to be registered for VAT (Value Added Tax). All customers in the UK will be charged VAT at 20%. 

Now that the UK has left the EU, we do not charge VAT when sending goods to any other country. However it is up to the customs in the destination country to decide if they are going to levy duty and/or VAT/tax charges on the consignment. This is beyond our control, and this is the responsibility of the recipient. 

Note that VAT applies if the destination for the goods is in the UK, even if the person placing the order is not in the UK. Conversely, someone in the UK placing an order to be delivered to, say, the US, would not be charged VAT, although the recipient may be liable for tax and duty, as we have already mentioned.