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I'm in the US. How does the price exchange work? What would the Christmas packs cost in USD?

You can pay using a credit card, or via PayPal. In each case, they will do the currency conversion for you automatically. 
The Christmas Pack is GBP24.99, which works out at around US$33.50, excluding shipping. 
A useful web site to convert currencies is this one - http://www.xe.com/ 

We're sorry, but there are no shipping options for your address. If desired, you can contact us and we'll try to provide you with a customized shipping option. Why does this message comes when I try to order my products in my cart?

We have recently moved to a new web site, and not all the shipping options have been added yet. This message almost certainly means that you have ordered a number of items, and the total weight of the package is heavier than the current calculated shipping options. Just let us know, and we will fix it for you.

How does the water from the Nile vase work?

The vase has a double wall, and there is a small hole in the inner wall. Fill the vase with water, and gradually the space between the inner and outer wall will fill with water. You can then empty the vase, but after a few minutes you will find there is more water in the vase. Water is slowly trickling from between the inner and out wall through the small hole, into the main vase.  

Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver to almost every country in the world. Enter your address details on the web site, and you should find your country listed there.

What types of payment do you accept?

You have several ways to pay for your orders.

  • If you order from the web site, you can use a credit or a debit card, and you can also use PayPal. 
  • If you wish to place a large order, and want to pay by bank transfer, please e-mail us.
  • We accept purchase orders from schools and universities in the UK.

When will my order be delivered?

If your order has been received first thing in the morning, then we will try and ship the same day (Monday to Friday). Delivery time depends on the shipping method, and that depends on where you live.