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30 Note Music Box Set

Grand Illusions
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This music box has a range of just over 3 octaves, but in addition it plays a scale that is mostly chromatic.

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We are delighted to be able to announce the 30 Note Music Box Set. This music box has a range of just over 3 octaves, but in addition it plays a scale that is mostly chromatic. This expands the musical possibilities enormously, since this new music box can now play sharps and flats. The new music box takes paper strips that are physically the same size as those used in the large music box set. However they have been printed differently, due to the availability of the extra notes.

The 30 Note Music Box Set comes in a plain white box. Inside the box is the Music Box itself, one pre punched strip which plays the theme from Swan Lake, one blank strip, and a hole punch. The Music Box weighs 280 grams, and is 108 mm wide (150 mm wide including the handle), 70 mm deep, and 30 mm high. When packed in the box, with the hole punch and blank strips, the weight is just over 400 grams. There is an important point to make, if you are planning to combine the music box with other instruments. The notes that are marked on the paper strip, i.e. G, A, C, are NOT the notes that the music box actually plays, if you compare it with the notes on a piano. So the line marked F# on the music box plays back as a B, G# plays as a C#, etc. As well as a fun way to learn about music, there are also some serious musicians out there who are using the music box, including Hannah Peel. There is also an app that has been written that allows you to test out new songs and compositions, and when you are happy with the result, you can print out a guide to help you punch out the paper strip.

HOLE PUNCH - we were never very keen on the old, metal hole punchers. They were a bit uncomfortable to use. We now supply the new version of hole punch - it looks a little bit like a small stapler, and has a plastic top. We find these a lot easier to use, and more accurate. 


Here is a video tutorial that will help you create the music strips -

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Works perfectly :)!
Peder B.
Shopping Satisfaction
The music box has a really good sound quality, as well as a good manufacturing quality overall. However, the most important part (a small gear that connects the habdle with the rest of the mechanism) is made out of plastic. Because of that, it couldn't withstand a faster speed (used for higher accuracy) and broke after one day.
I would highly recommend to manufacture all gears out of metal, as they are essantial and hart to replace.
Apart feom that, the music box is very well made.
Oskar H.

The plastic gears are delicate, and it is important to make sure that you do not get overlapping paper strips passing through the machine, as this can damage the gears.

We do supply replacement winding mechanisms for the music boxes, which are extremely easy to swap over.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works as expected! Great sound as long as the box is rested on a hard flat surface. Super fun, especially when paired with online sheet music generators to minimize errors when punching in the notes. Definitely order some extra slips of the music box paper as it only comes with a demo and 2-3 blank sheets.
Kaylen C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent sound quality, paper is easier to mark and use than expected.
Clara D.
Shopping Satisfaction
This was a gift - recipient was very pleased - very good, as described on website (with a helpful demonstration video). The sound is very nice.
K G.
Shopping Satisfaction
A most satisfactory music box! Well-built out of metal. The tone is transposed compared to the notes listed on the paper, but it is a good tone that resonates well. Beyond the music itself, the music box is able to be mounted via screws in the base for use in a wooden box. It also came with a pre-punched song and blank sheet. The 30 note version is very handy- without the extra notes, composing would be much tougher. The paper is sturdy and feeds well. Glad I bought it, highly recommended.
Joshua P.
Shopping Satisfaction
The sound is so beautiful that I almost teared up, I'm very happy with it and it was exactly what I wanted.
The new hole punch works very well too, from the looks of the old one and comparing it to the new punch it seems much easier and nicer to use!
Shopping Satisfaction
It played well for half a day before the highest note began going flat, before failing to register anymore. The piece that plays the highest note bent out of range after a few playthroughs of the songs I had planned in advance and punched out the same day. I'm unsure if music boxes are normally this fragile, or if I received a defective product. Customer service never got back to me. It played beautifully for the few hours it was accurate, but I'm bummed to say the least.
Nikita C.
A replacement is on the way.
Shopping Satisfaction
I love it!
Alexis N.
Shopping Satisfaction
Sounds good. I would recommend a different hole punch for accurate punches.
Nicholas Z.